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The Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter Machine

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Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter

The introduction of the Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter Machine:

Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter is used to slice various vegetables into different shape like flake, strip, curved by changing the blades. The vegetable cutter can be used to slice celery,garlic, cabbage,leek, lettuce,onion, bamboo shoots,spinach, eggplant,carrot, potato and so on.


SVM-C660 SVM-C1000










Machine weight (KG) 140



The feature of the  Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter Machine:

  • Compact struction design to take less occupation area.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel to make sure the processed vegetable healthy.
  • High production capacity.
  • Precious control system to guarantee the safe operation.

The construction of the Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter Machine:

This multi-functional vegetable cutter machine generally consists of main body,band carrier, and materials pushing carrier, cutting machine, speed manage box.

  • The processed vegetable thickness can be changed in certain range
  • Various shapes and length of the finish production can be made by adjusting eccentric gear
  • The processed vegetable have the excellent performance, such as smooth ,clean, fresh appearance,uniform shape and so on

multi-functional vegetable cutter machine

The equipment level of the Multi-functional vegetable cutter machine:

Our company provides all kinds of spare and accessory parts as much as possible to meet with the need of the clients.

Download: The instruction of multi-functional vegetable cutter machine






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